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Shopon hossin
Jul 14, 2022
In Agriculture Forum
The Popular Front, based on student and Country Email List teacher groups, the Unitary Front of Workers, of labor unions, and a multitude of decentralized feminist, environmental, Christian, neighborhood and student groups. But what sustains and encourages this Country Email List urban mobilization, more dispersed and delayed, is the rural encouragement of the base communities of the Conaie. That is why, obviously, the rebellion is more intense where there are bases organized by the indigenous entity and less strong where it is weaker, such as on the Country Email List coast or in various Andean cities, such as the southern Cuenca or Loja. Whatever the final outcome of this new Country Email List Ecuadorian popular rebellion, Conaie will emerge even stronger. How to explain the survival of more than 30 years of continuous capacity for mobilization? The mystery that surrounds this authentic political and organizational miracle becomes deeper when the continuous conflicts Country Email List between leaders or the constant divisions and tensions that accompany each election of a new president of the organization are remembered. Evidently, the Conaie has been able to interpret in the Country Email List two most powerful uprisings in recent times, that of October 2019 and the current one. The intensity of popular anger and Country Email List despair in the face of economic adjustment measures, in the face of government indifference and in the face of the disaster of employment and famine. But there is something more than Country Email List the mere ability to combine radicalism in social mobilization with the ability to focus on broader popular demands than the exclusive sectoral demands of the indigenous people. In fact, it was in one of Country Email List those uprisings against similar economic adjustment measures, in February 2001, where the slogan coined by the protesters emerged and was marked as a symbol and public behavior of future mobilizations: "Nothing only for the Indians" .
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Shopon hossin

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